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Can I Get a Contractor’s License with a Criminal Record?

Are you considering becoming a general contractor, but worried about whether your criminal record will prevent you from getting your contractor’s license? You’re not alone. Let’s say you’ve been working as a handyman for a while now, and you want to take that next step to get licensed so you can start making really good money. You want to be able to take on the big jobs and further your career. You’re willing to go through the classes necessary and […]

The Ban the Box Law Means I Don’t Need an Expungement, Right? Wrong.

You may have heard about the “ban the box” law that was passed by the California State Legislature in January 2018. That law prohibits employers from asking job applicants whether they have ever been convicted of a crime. So that means that employers aren’t allowed to discriminate against you because of an old conviction, right? Nope. The “ban the box” law was introduced as Assembly Bill 1008, and is now codified as Government Code § 12952. The goal of the […]