Sick of being treated like a criminal?

Everyone makes a mistake at some point in their life. Unfortunately, some people end up with a criminal conviction as a reminder of that mistake, and that can end up costing you. Denied employment applications. Denied state licenses. It seems like every employer out there is conducting criminal background checks on new hires. Even a simple DUI from a handful of years ago can cost you valuable employment opportunities. We know, because we’ve seen it firsthand.

We’re here to help. If your criminal record is keeping you from getting your dream job, it’s time to take action. Don’t let an old mistake hold you back from the rest of your life. For a flat-rate fee, you can get a real attorney to help you reopen your case and get that old conviction expunged.

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How the Expungement Process Works

It starts with a phone call. We’ll gather the necessary information and figure out how we can help you. You’ll tell us about your complete criminal history, or send us a copy of your background check, and we can plan our course of attack.

Once we have our plan developed, we’ll fill out the necessary court paperwork, including any declarations, support letters, or other evidence that we can attach to your petition to increase the chances of the court granting it.

We’ll submit the paperwork to the court and serve the district attorney with a copy of it. Then, we wait for the court to process it. Depending on how busy the court is, we’ll probably hear back within 3-6 weeks.

If your petition is approved, your plea will be withdrawn, your conviction status will be changed to “dismissed,” and you’re done!

If your petition is not approved for any reason, we will discuss it with you and figure out the next best plan of attack. Sometimes it’s a technical issue. Sometimes it’s a probation violation or another conviction that you might not know about. The solution might include expunging a subsequent conviction first, or submitting additional evidence, or asking the court for a hearing to plead our case in person. Either way, we will talk to you and get your input before taking any further steps.

Why Choose Us?

For starters, we are an actual law firm. Some companies out there doing these sorts of services are staffed entirely by paralegals, or just well-meaning people who aren’t licensed to practice law. That’s risky, for obvious reasons.

Second, we actually care about your specific case. We are going to listen to your story and put together the best case we can to try to get your conviction expunged. Some places will just fill out a few forms and submit them to the court, hoping for the best. That doesn’t always work. We don’t want to waste your time and money if it’s not going to get you results. If we think attaching a declaration or other support might make the difference between winning and losing, we’ll spend the extra time on the front end to try to get it through the first time.

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